Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver can naturally tarnish with exposure to air, the best way to maintain your silver jewellery is to store it away in a fabric pouch and clean regularly in warm soapy water with a very soft toothbrush and dry thoroughly. You can also use a cloth such as 'Town Talk' silver polishing cloth.

Gold Vermeil:

Gold vermeil is a thick coating of gold over a precious metal, 24ct gold is used on the jewellery I make. Unlike 'gold plating' which is usually plated over a base metal, such as brass or copper (both non-precious) gold vermeil holds value. Although gold vermeil will not tarnish like silver, it may fade slightly over a long period of time.

Remove your gold vermeil jewellery when showering, exercising and swimming (scratches and scuffs can scratch off the gold). Perfume and some lotions will corrode the gold coating - always put your jewellery on after applying perfume/lotions. Store your jewellery inside a fabric pouch when it is not being worn.

Solid Gold:

Solid gold jewellery is much more low maintenance when it comes to daily wear, however, avoid wearing your gold jewellery whilst swimming. Use a good gold dip such as 'Town Talk' gold dip.